Arts & Jewels – Une belle histoire

Arts & Jewels, Portojóia’s initiative that crosses the universe of jewelry with other arts. The project in this edition presented by @sarasousapinto’s jewellery crosses the imagery, with the magic of artist @mariabeatitude’s painting.

More is More was the motto!

This project presents itself as a narrative where jewelry and the plastic arts meet, unite and complete; a symbiotic partnership that makes the values of art, nature and words shine.
The result is an exclusive and limited collection, with a strong commitment to innovative and daring designs, which preserve in their lines the harmony of shapes, the elegance of the line and an atmosphere of timelessness.” (@sousapintostudio )

A little behind the scenes of this story full of details and events to tell.
Nothing is there by chance. From the colors to the textures and materials. During the months leading up to this exhibition, we debated concepts, confirmed and adjusted layouts, but above all we built a union.